Alvis TC21/100

L (49)Took her out for first time last week, since mothers funeral a year ago. She survived so I decided to take a longer trip 160 miles on the way out on saturday wire fell off electric fuel pump then wire under bonnet smouldered away at petrol station. After that she broke down on bridge in hereford a quick clean up of points and rotor arm sorted that.

On the day of my mothers funeralĀ  the car overheated then on way home blew top hose. Since then there are no overheating problems and if temp gauge accurate she’s running cold at around 50 degrees.

AlvisMar09001 home 002 58LonAlvisTC108G 58LonAlvisTC108GII SAM_0522 SAM_0682

I am in process of preparing a spare engine to go in TC21/100 first then into TC108g after I have rebuilt TC21/100 original engine and considerable body work on TC108g. So far I have a TA21 engine block with liners and have a TD21 short engine with damaged block. I also have a TC21 cylinder head with 8:1 compression ratio and hope it is good. will take bits for crack testing soon then for balancing.